Chambersburg Police Dept.
116 South 2nd Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Chambersburg Police Dept. Telephone & Email

Department address:

Chambersburg Police Dept.
116 S. Second St.,
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Administration Telephone
(717) 264-4131

Emergency Call 911

Non Emergency Number
(717) 263-1611

Leave a Message
To reach an officer's voice mail call the administration telephone number,
listen to the instructions and enter the desired extension.

Send an Email
Crime tips and general emails directed to the police department can be sent to

To send a specific officer or staff member an email click on the link below.

NOTE: Do Not Use the Voice Mail or Email System to report a crime.
Call the above administration phone number.

Darren Brown Mayor Send Email 3243
Richard E. Morrissette Interim Chief of Police Send Email 3280
Ian M. Armstrong Acting Sergeant Send Email 8326
Cole L. Baker Patrolman Send Email 8310
Laban S. Betz Patrolman Send Email 8321
Matthew W. Bietsch Corporal Send Email 8402
John A. Clawson Jr. Sergeant Send Email 8319
Victor J. Dimoff Jr. Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8322
Corey M. Fegan Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8335
Shane T. Good Corporal Send Email 8336
Jon H. Greenawalt Sergeant Send Email 8301
Daren J. Helsel Corporal Send Email 8312
Patrick J. Hinds Patrolman Send Email 8333
Orion W. Hippensteel Patrolman Send Email 8401
Jaime L. Jackson Patrolman Send Email 8318
James M. Iversen Patrolman Send Email 8327
Samuel T. Jones Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8309
Michael A. Taylor Corporal Send Email 8328
Robert L. Kirk Jr. Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8308
Bradley S. Kyner Jr. Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8332
Craig B. Leisher Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8317
Matthew H. Lynch Patrolman Send Email 8405
Joseph P. McGhee Patrolman Send Email 8403
Eric J. McGinnis Patrolman Send Email 8329
Richard E. Morrissette Sergeant Send Email 8315
Anthony W. Rosenberry Sergeant Send Email 8323
John M. Sgrignoli Patrolman Send Email 8304
Richard B. Sleichter Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8338
Thomas E. Smith, Jr Patrolman Send Email 8313
Douglas C. Strickland Patrolman 1st Class Send Email 8311
Travis L. Wilson Patrolman Send Email 8324
Matthew T. Cody Detective Sergeant Send Email 2673
Todd L. Baker Detective Send Email 3289
William C. Frisby Jr. Detective Send Email 3274
Todd J. Hardin Detective Send Email 2297
Joseph G. Jakubic Detective Send Email 3290
Pamela C. Goines Office Manager Send Email 3216
Ana M. Carey Secretary Send Email 3217
Oliver G. Arispe Community Service Officer Send Email 4131
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