Chambersburg Police Dept.
116 South 2nd Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201

(Photo: Officer Rob Peterson is on the white horse named Minuteman. Officer Dave L. Michaels is on the palomino colored horse named Sundance.)

In recent years, the Chambersburg Police Department has had the opportunity to have several police officers volunteer their personal horses for use as Mounted Patrol Units for the police department.

Some of the residents and citizens of Chambersburg might remember Officer Rob Peterson and Chambersburg Police Department's first horse - Minuteman. Minuteman was a Trakehner, gray in color and stood 17.2 hands. Officer Peterson has since retired Minuteman from service.

Officer Dave L. Michaels has also served as one of our Police Mounted Officers. His horse was named Sundance. Sundance was a Quarter Horse, palomino in color and stood 16 hands. Sundance has since been retired from service with the department.

Finally, Officer James Bradley who serves with the department part-time has also utilized one of his horses for service as a mounted unit. His horse was a thoroughbred named Chevy.

While the mounted units have grown to be quite popular with the community and were utilized in several parades and various other community activities, the officers who volunteered their services have since retired their horses from service. The mounted unit is currently inactive at present.

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