Chambersburg Police Dept.
116 South 2nd Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201

(Photo: SET team training)

The Special Emergency Team is a team of officers specially trained to handle special emergency situations such as a hostage crisis, barricaded gunman, high risk warrants, etc.

The SET team was originally organized in 1991. The original team consisted of a group of 6 officers that underwent specialized training. The team has since transitioned into a much larger group of officers with the addition of sniper teams and (2) tactical medics provided by the Chambersburg Fire Dept.

Augmenting the Special Emergency Team are another (5) officers who have undergone special training in hostage negotiations. These (5) officers are called the Crisis Negotiation Team and work together with the SET team in handling an emergency situation. As of September of 2014 the Chambersburg Police Department now uses the services of the Pennsylvania State Police SERT team if it needs the services of a SWAT team.

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